The most beautiful beaches of Gaeta, from Serapo to Sant’Agostino

Those who come to stay in Gaeta, for vacation or for work, can`t miss hours of relaxation to discover its wonderful beaches. Gaeta’s beaches stretch for 10km on a rugged coastline that alternates long sandy tongues with rocky elements. The profile of the coast is made even more interesting by the presence of hidden coves and coves, reachable by boat. Here nature offers wonderful and unexpected shows to leave you breathless. But let’s not get lost in chat and let’s start our virtual tour to discover the most beautiful beaches of Gaeta.

Serapo beach

Let’s start from the central beach of Serapo. Surely, for those staying in my guest house in Gaeta, it is the most accessible. Just cross the road to feel the fine sand under your feet and immerse yourself in the calm waters of its sea. .5 km of fine sand that extends from the promontory of Monte Orlando, to the south, to end in the north with a rocky inlet in front of which it is possible to admire an imposing rock with an elongated shape that recalls that of a ship, and that is why called Nave di Serapo. The vastness of its beach makes Serapo the perfect beach for those who love to walk and swim long.

Fontania Beach

Just behind the rocky cove north of Serapo, there is a small beach where quiet reigns supreme. Already in ancient times it was the area favored by the Romans who chose it for its wonderful location. Here the consul Gnaeus Fonteus built his grandiose Roman villa in the first century of .C. of which the remains are still visible. In this area there are caves with rooms covered by barrel vaults. From here there are underwater works that connect to other underground structures that suggest there was a large swimming pool communicating with the sea.

This enchanting setting also offers a very fascinating underwater biological site for diving and underwater photography enthusiasts. With the increase in temperature of the waters of the Mediterranean, it is possible to make unexpected encounters with new marine species. Just as happened to the well-known diver Adriano Madonna who came across, to his surprise, the crab Percnon gibbesi, typical of the Atlantic coasts.

Beach of the 40 Remi

This beach can only be reached by boat. In fact, the name of this small beach comes from the rowing that separate it from the nearest one. Its secluded location makes the beach of the 40 O’remi a magical place that arouses a lot of interest even among diving enthusiasts. Its caves, in fact, are a destination for divers who love to visit them at night

Near the beach of the 40 O’remi there is a breathtaking natural site that bears the evocative name of Well of the Devil or Well of the Keys . These two names are born from popular legends: the first has as its protagonist the Devil who, after the death of Christ, would have sheltered in the cave also making it a passage to hell. The second legend, however, tells that the husbands betrayed by their wives threw the keys of the house at the bottom of the sea through the cave.

What is certain is that this place hides a particular charm. On the end of the mountain opens a gap overlooking the sea, but you can also reach the cavity by boat through the narrow crack that opens into the rock. Visiting the Devil’s Cave in the evening is a unique sight: admiring the sky from the cave that opens above your head is an unmissable experience!

Ariana beach

During your stay in Gaeta you have to visit the enchanting Ariana beach . Its name derives from “ari-sana“, a dialectal way with which this healthy and uncontaminated place was called. The distance from the urban center makes this beach a real corner of paradise where you can relax. Immersed in the Mediterranean scrub, the Ariana has received the Blue Flag several times. After all, how can you not reward its crystal clear waters and the expanse of fine golden sand?

Arenauta Beach

Another corner of paradise is located in the beach of Arenauta, also known as the Beach of 300 steps . Access to the beach, in fact, is only possible through a long staircase that will make your legs shake, but will transport you to a fabulous place. The wild nature that frames the beach makes the Arenauta a dream place where you can still breathe the pristine essence of the seascape.

San Vito beach

The beach of San Vito is an exclusive place that can only be accessed through the accommodation facilities in the area. A bit away from the shore, sailors stop by to enjoy a bit of quiet, lulled by the calm waters of the sea.

Sant’Agostino Beach

We end the journey along the coast of Gaeta in the plain of Sant’Agostinowhich houses the homonymous beach. The rocky walls that stand out proudly behind it are the destination of climbers who in every season go to the highest wall of Monte Moneta, attracted by the distinctive natural elements of the place.

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