Where to eat in Gaeta Restaurants, pastry shops and bars where you can taste the typical dishes

It is impossible to stay in Gaeta and not take advantage of its magnificent gastronomic offer. My beautiful city is imbued with flavors and aromas that are handed down over the centuries and mark, even today, unforgettable moments of daily life. But let’s find out in more detail what to eat in Gaeta.

An unmissable stop when you come to Gaeta is definitely the narrow street that crosses part of the city center. I’m talking about Via Indipendenza, a place that still retains that lively and picturesque character of the seaside village. Here you can find many craft shops and small shops where you can go shopping and delight your palate with delicious traditional dishes, such as the tiella di Gaeta, now known throughout Italy thanks to the impressive media resonance it has been enjoying in recent years.

Of fish or vegetables, the tiella satisfies all tastes with its genuine and enjoyable flavor. It is perfect either for a snack to enjoy sitting on the cliff of the promenade, or while walking, just like King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon did. It is said, in fact, that during his stays in Gaeta he loved to get confused among the people and eat the famous tiella, strictly with his hands! mani!

The tiella of Gaeta and the traditional sweets

The taste of the traditional Tiella di Gaeta is preserved in the ancient ovens, where the recipe is handed down from generation to generation, just like in the Antico Forno Giordano, open since 1890, where Mr. Enrico prepares the tiella every day just like his father did.

Even sweet lovers can satisfy their cravings with some typical Gaeta sweets. The most characteristic are the ciammelle, small “donuts” without a hole, very simple and genuine, whose peculiarity lies in the glaze made of sugar and lemon (called naspro) with which they are coated. A delicious sweet that can still be found in some ovens and pastry shops in Gaeta such as Scalesse, Lanzetta and Di Ciaccio.

And what about Christmas cakes? Christmas in Gaeta smells of cocoa, honey and spices, fundamental ingredients that make up the classic traditional sweets such as Mostaccioli, Sciuscelle, Rococo and Susamielli. Delicacies to try absolutely!

On the main street of Gaeta, then, you can pamper yourself in the coffee shops to enjoy a good breakfast, or have an aperitif. Among the historic bars of Gaeta we find La Triestina which, in addition to the classic offer, preserves a sweet tradition: the Spumone . In Gaeta, the Spumone della Triestina was the gift that one brought when an invitation was received. After all, how do you resist this triumph of chocolate ice cream, hazelnut, crispy cream and sour cherries? A real goodness!

Restaurants in Old Gaeta where to eat the real Gaetana cuisine

After a day out and about discovering the wonders of Gaeta, in the evening you will surely be hungry, and what better opportunity to taste the typical cuisine of Gaeta in the most traditional clubs of the city?

Gaeta Medioevale offers a rich choice of characteristic restaurants where you can enjoy excellent dishes of Gaetana cuisine. Specialties that are rooted in the genuine culinary tradition of the fishermen and farmers who lived in the village. And here in a menu of typical Gaetana cuisine that respects you can not miss the anchovies declined in different preparations: the anchovies meatballs with sauce, the anchovies tiella and the tasty spaghetti alla gaetana with anchovies and the unmistakable olives of Gaeta, of course!

Another protagonist of the Gaetana table is the “calamarella”, very small squid, perfect to make fried, or to use as a filling for the tiella. ImNot to be missed is the votapiatto of squid, a crispy fry made with the squid arranged next to each other and fried in a low pan in plenty of oil. The result is a crispy fry outside and soft inside, a real delicacy!

But now you will ask me: where to eat in old Gaeta? Here are some restaurants where you can taste the typical cuisine of Gaeta, and not only: La Macelleria – Trattoria Vineria – , Scirocco , Mediterraneo , Pesce and Pesce .

In short, Gaeta is a city to live at 360 ° where you will never cease to be amazed and discover new wonders!

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